Melissa Marks

Adventures of Volitia

Image of 9-panel drawing from "Expulsion from Paradise" series at Bloomberg Space, London

"The Adventures of Volitia" began with a series of drawings. I imagined that a remnant of abstraction, a detachable Pollock drip, rose up, caught a glimpse of itself in a mirror, and became self-aware. Volitia (as in volition) became a hybrid hero; part Superman, part Eve—creation come to life.

The project has taken the form of drawings, paintings, large-scale wall-drawing installations and animation. The "adventures" continue in order to accommodate this malleable character and her raging capacity for change. Volitia continues because her restless nature demands new venues. She moves because we watch. What we see, an ongoing abstract narrative, becomes the armature for our own fantasies and stories.