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February 2012: New York Magazine: The 20,000-Brick Apartment

Melissa Marks' work is featured in this article by Wendy Goodman; photographs by Thomas Loof.

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March 2011: Adventures of Volitia: SUNTRAP at Cortijada los Gázquez, Vélez Blanco, Almería, Spain

Following the success of Melissa Marks’ 2010 residency at Cortijada Los Gázquez as part of the Joya: arte + ecología program, the artist now returns from New York to complete a 100 sq. meter hand-drawn installation entitled SUNTRAP.

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February 2011: Scrawl at ArtSPACE, New Haven, CT

New Haven, Connecticut: Artspace is pleased to announce SCRAWL, a seven week festival of site-specific drawing and related events. Beginning February 9, 2011, 48 artists will work individually and in teams to transform the landscape of Artspace with simple materials and their own ingenuity. SCRAWL’s major reception, with the work revealed in its entirety, will be at its end, March 25, 2011, from 6 pm – 8 pm.

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Image of Volitia wall drawing by Melissa Marks at ArtSPACE in New haven, Connecticut


October 2010: Adventures of Volitia, Paradise Again at Vassar College

Adventures of Volitia: Expulsion From Paradise originated in 2009 at Bloomberg SPACE in London as part of their prestigious COMMA series of contemporary art. It is now being shown for the first time in the U.S. at Vassar College with a new wall drawing by the artist created in response to its new setting at the Palmer Gallery.

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November 2009: COMMA 11 at BloombergSPACE, London, UK

Melissa Marks’ works take the form of drawings, paintings, large-scale wall-drawing installations and animations. Often executed on a grand scale her work reveals her fascination for epic narratives, comic book illustration and the performative quality of painting and drawing. Since 1993, she has continuously developed a body of work based on a central character named ‘Volitia’ (as in volition). Part Superman, part Eve – Volita is a narrative force that has been driving Marks’ oeuvre.

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