Joya: arte + ecología, Spain



SUNTRAP. Trick or invitation? Volitia as bait. What’s the catch? Preservation, endurance, tolerance. What else? Light, warmth, strength. Volitia is a live-wire, trapped energy, a viable seed. Her growth inside the enclosure is real.  Performed, yes – also, real. It is her space to live in.

Always moving, Volitia aspires to symmetry. A steady, even balance – slightly out of reach. No wonder she repeats herself. She’s too disorganized, she’ll never make it. Natural entropy in action. It’s something to strive for, symmetry. Agreement, consistency, equality. Hard to manage when there is only a way in, and no way out.

Reflection seems possible.  It’s everywhere inside the trap. That’s where the power is – reciprocal skies – the bottomless surface she stands on! Vibrant, resonant, self-renewing. Use it, reflection, and find surprise; crazy paths, weird flowers, rocks carved by water, marks inside caves. It’s not an ambush at all, captured fun, really. Sustenance in the fullest, grandest sense.

Context is opportunity, a starting point. So what if there is no way out, that is the beauty of the trap.